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So, I have now embarked on Season 4 of my audiobook podcast and for those who haven’t already joined the party, this latest reading is the famous science fiction classic, War of the Worlds by H G Wells.  I am excited to be doing something a little different from the first 3 books, with a much greater emphasis on the narrator telling the story from a first person point of view.  In fact there are 2 separate narrators and the story unfolds with a gripping and tense observation on the acts of an aggressive invader – a somewhat topical subject in the light of Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. 

This section of my blog is devoted to fiction – reading, writing, and perhaps most important narrating.  I have received so many emails, comments and thank yous for my audiobook recordings that I have decided to devote more time to this endeavour.  Complete unabridged recordings of The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas and the Sherlock Holmes canon can be found on Librivox.  David Clarke on Librivox



  1. Hollyd says:

    David – We’re thrilled that you’ve setup a way for us to be a small denomination sponsor. We enjoy your narration and book choices tremendously. We’re in the camp of using the Sherlock Holmes short stories to nod off to sleep. Thank you for restarting your narration “hobby” which, to us, is a joy.

    1. David says:

      Thanks Holly, as always the comments I receive make it all worthwhile. I am enjoying the challenge of regular narrations and having my own platform has really given me the ability to get them out faster.

  2. Nicholas Mullins says:

    Just want to echo the other comments on monte cristo. Excellent recording. Was a pleasure to listen to. Well done on producing it.

  3. Melysah says:

    I just finished listening to your Librovox recording of “The Count of Monte Cristo” and I agree with the comment above. I, too, would listen to anything you read. I had finished reading the book (Monte Cristo) and not wanting to end my journey with it, decided I wanted to find an audio version to listen to on my drive to work. I ended up listening to the entire book and enjoyed your reading so much that now I’m going to listen to your Sherlock series and anything else you read! Thank you for your wonderful contribution!!

    1. David says:

      Glad you enjoyed the Count – you can also listen to my new recordings on my podcast Operavox Audiobooks.

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