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I am posting material from other sites and people here whether I agree or disagree, these are here because they have something to say and do so effectively.  If you have something that you think would fit this description, send it to me for inclusion here.

An encouraging contrary view on the sadly popular and acclaimed film depicting America’s dishonestly prosecuted war in Iraq – American Snipe Illustrates the West’s Morality Blind Spots.

A majority of the Greek people reject corrupt corporate capitalism – The Greek People Have Chosen Hope

A View on Fairtrade Coffee – The poverty of Fairtrade coffee :: Alex Singleton



  1. solos42 says:

    We are listening to David Clarke readings, on YouTube and some of us are wondering, ‘Who is David Clarke with a golden voice”. Online searching brought me here. Can I persuade you to make a profession from narrating audiobooks?
    In the meantime, I have read some of your article links that are still available and your personal insights. I do hope you will continue readings, you have such a wonderful gift

  2. Ross Klatte says:

    A View on Fairtrade Coffee – The poverty of Fairtrade coffee :: Alex Singleton
    I clicked on this, but there seemed to be nothing about coffeee—rather, the Opinon page of the Daily Telegraph. Is there some connection that I don’t see?

    1. David says:

      I think that the article has expired as I wrote this several years ago. Thanks for reading, perhaps I should update it finally!

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