Very Small Rocks

Hello – my name is David Clarke and this is my blog Very Small Rocks.  If you wish to jump straight to my latest blog posts just click the link below.  If you want to read more about why I’m here and the conversation I am seeking to have – read on!

Latest Blog Posts

Are you disillusioned? Do you believe there might be a better way to live life along with those around you? Are you tired of formulas, self help mantras and self righteous religion? I have a feeling that we are not alone in this. Personally, I have more questions than answers and have been guilty of peddling bullshit and courting hypocrisy in my own life. So how can it ever change?

I was born in the UK where as a western developed nation, if there was a spiritual awakening to be had, it was more than likely going to involve a man by the name of Jesus Christ. And so it was, out of a mixture of fear, hope and some innate attraction to the man I read about, I signed up. Since then I have experienced many aspects of the flawed world of Christianity. Hell, I don’t even like the word Christianity – it immediately invokes all the wrong assumptions about who I am and what I believe. I don’t like the word Hell either for that matter. And what happened to love, grace, forgiveness and humility?  It seems these virtues have been lost in a sea of performance, guilt from falling short, fear, division, judgment and sometimes just plain silly stuff!

I would like to engage in a conversation that goes back to basics and focuses on how the original message of Jesus could change the way we live our lives here and now. I want to try to make some sense of current events from the same perspective and I long to do or say something that might make the world a better place for someone somewhere. This is what this blog is about.

Why ‘Very Small Rocks’?  Well, apart from this being a phrase from one of my favorite Monty Python sketches She’s A Witch!, it also reflects my desire to create ripples rather than waves.  As for the sketch – you can infer whatever you like from that!