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I have now returned from our trip to Europe and have settled on a new and what I believe will be an exciting addition to my Opera Vox library of audiobooks.  For Season 5 Keep and eye out for notifications on your chosen podcast app as I begin to read ‘The Arabian Nights’ by Muhsin Mahdi.  This wonderful collection of stories within stories as part of an overarching plot is a new departure for me and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am going to enjoy narrating.


  1. SHL says:

    Thank you for your LibriVox readings of Sherlock Holmes! They have an amazing quality.

    On 1 January 2023 The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, consisting of the final short stories, will enter the public domain in the US (see Will you be reading that for LibriVox too?

    I hope you do as it would complete the set of your readings of Sherlock Holmes.

  2. Wilga says:

    I’ve just finished listening to your recording of Count Of Monte Cristo, a book I had read for the first time when I was 14 (and so much in love with it back then) and which I wanted to refresh and see how I would see it now, well after 40… Having very little time because of work I decided to find an audiobook and I was so lucky to find yours! It’s brilliant. Your voice acting is beyond marvellous, now when I will read Count of MC again I will hear the voices you imitated and the French and Italian accents of the characters XD. Thank you so much for all this effort, and for publishing it in the public domain, which I respect a lot, for nowadays people look more often how to earn than how to share. For sure I will listen to Sherlock Holmes now. I’ve got no choice :]
    Thank you! All the best :]

    1. Steve Melisi says:

      I echo your sentiments — I too just finished the reading and was blown away. Many thanks Monsieur Clarke!!!

  3. Hollyd says:

    Howdy, David – War of the Worlds was a timely choice and very well done. Looking forward to your next great read. Wonder what it will be. Whatever it is, I know I’ll enjoy it. Heck, I’d enjoy it if you read a phone book. Would be fun to listen to you come up with voices full of personality just from their name. 🙂

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